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ZeoPure ZeoLite Pool Media

ZeoPure ZeoLite Pool Media

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According to the United States Geological Survey, a significant percentage of material sold as Zeolite Pool Filter Media is actually ground volcanic tuff that contains only a small amount of Zeolite media. Only pure Zeolite Pool Filter Media is capable of 2-3 micron filtration and ion exchange that gives pool water the polish and clarity that ZeoPure Zeolite delivers. While there are about 40 types of natural Zeolites found in the world, only a handful can deliver high performance pool filtration.

Requires half as much media when compared to sand by weight. If you have a filter that requires 500 lbs of sand, you'll only need 250 lbs of ZeoPure Zeolite pool media

  • improves water clarity
  • Requires 50% less material than sand by weight
  • reduces energy use
  • filters down to two microns for superior water clarity
  • conserves water by reducing backwashing
  • reduces chlorine demand
  • reduces burning eyes by removing chemicals like ammonia
  • natural and safe
  • environmentally friendly
  • Made in USA (not imported)
  • 50 lb bag
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