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SpectraLight SL-800

SpectraLight SL-800

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  • Remarkable. Revolutionary. Ultraviolet Disinfection.

    The best spa water quality starts with the SL-800 with Twin Lamps. You'll enjoy a pool that is safe, healthy, and easier to manage. SpectraLight is a remarkable, scientifically proven, disinfection system that uses the power of ultraviolet light to create a pool that is safe, healthy, and easier to manage and eliminates the need for virtually all chemicals - saving $400, $500, even $600. per year in chemicals.

    • UV 2.0 Ultra High Output Lamps deliver 4x the power of standard high output lamps for pristine water quality.
    • Industrial Graphite Housing with titanium dioxide for maximum UV resistance
    • InteliVolt Electronic Ballasts feature solid-state engineering for maximum efficiency. Weather protected & fused.
    • Aerospace Developed Double Seal with stainless steel inserts and EPDM O-rings from aerospace.
    • Intelligent Design means each unit can be disassembled with no tools.
    • SmartConnex 360 degree port rotation for easy installation for both new and existing pools.
    • Long life lamp is rated for 13,000 hours of continuous use

    Recent Studies Expose Dangers of Chemicals

    Recent scientific studies are turning the pool industry upside down by exposing the dangers of swimming pool chemicals - prompting the World Health Organization to issue a statement that lower free chlorine concentrations may be health protective when UV is used. Over 200 leading aquatic centers have already attested to the effectiveness of ultraviolet disinfection in not only destroying all known pathogens, but also simultaneously rejuvenating water quality to pristine condition.

    You many have noticed this magical effect in action during the Beijing games - as many commented on the perfectly clear pool water.

    SL-800 Specifications

    • The SL-800 is designed specifically for swimming pools and is rated at 200 watts.
    • The SL-800 delivers approximately 30,000 mJ of power at a water flow rate of 374 GPM. It will deliver approximately 60,000 mJ of power at a flow rate of 374 GPM.
    • The SL-650 is typically matched with a pool circulation pump that moves water at 312 - 374 GPM. The lower the flow rate, the higher the UV dosage applied to the pool's water. Since you cannot overdose UV, units may be upsized.
    • To accurately size ultraviolet systems, the flow rate of your pool or spa should be estimated. You may contact SpectraLight or request a quote for sizing assistance.
    • Available in 110V or 220V.
    • Approximate dimensions: Length: 42"
    • For more information, visit SpectraLight UV Website
    • To view PDF brochure, click SpectraLight UV Brochure
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