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Replacement Lamps (2-Pack)

Replacement Lamps (2-Pack)

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2-packs replacement lamps are available for all Spectralight models, but SpectraLight models SL-500 and above utilize two lamps. Choose the appropriate set of replacement lamps for your SpectraLight from the dropdown menu.

If you only need a single replacement lamp, click here.

Model (lamp) Wattage For (Unit Model) Price
SL-1080(x2) 40 SL-400 $137
SL-1160(x2) 80 SL-450 $187
SL-2200(x2) 100 SL-500, SL-620 $247
SL-2260(x2) 130 SL-550, SL-650 $267
SL-2300(x2) 150 SL-600, SL-800 $287
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