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Replacement Lamps

Replacement Lamps

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SpectraLight Lamps are the heart of the innovative disinfection system, using ultraviolet light to create a cleaner, healthier and easier to manage pool. The UV 2.0 Ultra High Output Lamps deliver 4x the power of standard high output lamps for pristine water quality. And they are rated for 13,000 hours of continuous use.

Choose the appropriate lamp for your SpectraLight from the dropdown menu.

If you need a two-pack of replacement lamps for SpectraLight models SL-500 and above, click here.

Model (lamp) Wattage For (Unit Model) Price
SL-1160 40 SL-400 $99
SL-2140 70 SL-450 $119
SL-2200 100 SL-500, SL-620 $149
SL-2260 130 SL-550, SL-650 $179
SL-2300 150 SL-600, SL-800 $199
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