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Leaf Pump

Leaf Pump 1000

Leaf Pump 1000

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Maximum Speeds + Maximum Efficiency

It's a fact. Pool pumps consume electricity at a rate that is second to only air conditioning units. Fortunately, Leaf Pump technology is helping pools enter a new era of energy efficiency. "Efficiency" pool pumps of the past required nearly 2,000 watts of power. Enter the digital variable frequency drive (VFD) - the cutting-edge technology behind the Leaf Pump. Leaf Pump features an industry proven 3-Phase AC motor like those used in electric cars. 3 phase motors have inherently higher efficiency, superior starting torque, and superior reliability. Now you can select the optimal flow rate from 3,200 speeds - a feature that helps Leaf save up to 90%.

Intelligent Design + Best in Class Warranty

First generation variable speed pool pumps have onboard VFDs that are mounted directly on the motor. But reliability suffered as heat, moisture and vibration did a number on sensitive electronics . [Google variable speed + poor warranty + unrepairable] Leaf Pump's blueprint doesn't look like anything that has come before - a top rated, remote located VFD. Unlike other variable speed pumps, Leaf Pumps are protected with a 3-year best in class warranty.

Location = Longevity

Mounting your pump's microprocessor on top of your motor would be like mounting your car's microprocessor on top of it's motor. Best practices in industry require that VFDs are remotely mounted. Every Leaf Pump features a VFD totally enclosed in an outdoor rated NEMA enclosure for maximum protection, superior cooling and longer life. Sensitive microprocessors are protected from the heat, moisture, and vibration of the motor. Leaf Pumps may cost a bit more , but the performance, warranty and peace of mind are unmatched.

Leaf Pump features a time tested and proven 3-Phase AC motor like those used in electric cars. 3 phase motors have inherently higher efficiency, superior torque, and improved reliability.

The Leaf Variable Speed Pool Pump Advantage

  • maximum performance & savings
  • reduces energy costs up to 90%
  • easily choose the optimal speed for any given job
  • runs cool, quiet & lasts longer
  • compatible with all filters, cleaners & spas
  • works great with solar, heaters & in-floor cleaning

Overview of Features

  • NEMA 3R Rated Microprocessor Enclosure
  • Efficient impeller and diffuser design maximizes efficiency
  • Sensitive electronics are safely mounted in the enclosure, not on top of the motor
  • Oversized Aluminum Heatsink for improved cooling
  • Digital Variable Frequncy Drive shifts 1-phase input to 3-phase
  • Simplified keypad with bright LED readout
  • Exclusive remote mounted VFD microprocesssor / VFD for better cooling & longer life
  • Industry proven tri-phase motor for maximum efficiency

Wet End Specs

  • Pump type: self-priming centrifugal
  • Impeller/diffuser: glass filled Noryl
  • Pump seal: high grade carbon/graphite/316 stainless steel for improved protection against corrosion from chlorine, ozone, Baquacil and salt water
  • Strainer basket: oversized 2.1 liter single piece for improved strength
  • Port size: 2 inch inlet and outlet with unions
  • Drain plug: dual 1/4 inch NPT drain plug for easy winterizing
  • Material: UV stabilized thermoplastic for improved corrosion resistance

Motor Specs

  • Motor: 2 HP Rated, 2.4 Total HP, NEMA 56 Frame, 3 phase (single phase VFD input)
  • Motor speeds: 3,200 speeds ranging from 250 to 3,450 RPMs
  • Motor presets: 8 settable, changeable presets may be programmed
  • Shaft material: stainless Steel
  • Max amps: 5 .7
  • Electrical input: 230 Volts, single phase input via VFD, 20 amp breaker recommended
  • Motor cooling: internally fan cooled, thermal overload protection

VFD Specs

  • VFD type: remote located digital VFD with single phase 230 volt input
  • VFD enclosure: NEMA 3R for maximum cooling and protection from moisture & vibration
  • VFD cooling: remote mounting and oversized aluminum heat sink
  • Built in controls: push button simplified keypad with bright LED readout
  • Control options: compatible with virtually all two speed timers and automation controls. Leaf offers multiple options including optional wireless controller.
  • Diagnostics: complete onboard advanced diagnostics include over current, motor overload, driver over temperature, output short circuit, DC bus over and under voltage and external fault
  • Control features: linear and S-Ramp acceleration and deceleration, torque boost, motor slip compensation, electronic pot, minimum and maximum adjustable frequency limits, adjustable output current limit, JOG
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