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NanoFilters for Dolphin Premier

NanoFilters for Dolphin Premier

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  • Built Exclusively for Dolphin Premier
  • A Deeper Clean - NanoFilters clean deeper than the standard filter. Intricately woven NanoTech material captures microscopic debris and contaminants at a micron level far smaller than Standard Dolphin Filters
  • Greater Surface Area - With a much larger surface area, Nanofilters capture far more waterborne debris while maintaining a relatively low resistance to waterflow.
  • Improve your Pool's Water Quality - Stop it at the source by removing a large amount of contaminants before it ever gets to your pool’s main filter
  • Advanced Tech - The basic filter found on most pool robots is a large open pore plastic mesh which is first generation technology. NanoTech micropore pleated filters efficiently removes far more contaminants from the water
  • Tough on Oil - When oil and other microscopic debris is caught in the robot’s Nanofilter, it forms a transparent sheath over the trapped debris. This gunk is then washed off when the filter is cleaned, providing a valuable method to improve turbidity and improve the transparency of the water.

Boasting Multi-Media™ and Nanofiltration, the Dolphin Premier marks a new age in pool robot technology for Maytronics. The Nanofilter is an exclusive offering that combines the usual Dolphin prowess with everyday ease of use. Currently, the Dolphin Premier, Sigma, and Quantum all have Nanofiltration, making them some of the most powerful robots offered by Maytronics.

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