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Dolphin NanoFilter Panels for Dolphin Cayman

Dolphin NanoFilter Panels for Dolphin Cayman

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  • Pleated high-efficiency nanofiltration retains small particulate and debris that pass through ordinary filters
  • Micro-pore material forms a tight mesh through which water flows and traps small contaminants
  • Larger surface area, capturing more waterborne particles while maintaining a relatively low resistance to waterflow
  • Compatible with Dolphin Cayman
  • Includes 4 NanoFilter Panels included that replace the panels in the existing frame
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Maytronics Genuine Part

The Dolphin Cayman Nanofilter Panels are designed for quick and easy installation. These panels feature high-performance filtration, utilizing an innovative NanoFilter technology to provide superior water quality. The NanoFilter technology traps and removes harmful pollutants, ensuring a safe and clean environment for your swimming pool.

Pool robots filter using sieving, a method that divides particles by size. Standard filters are of a larger pore size, whereas Pleated Ultra Purifying Filters have an ultra-tight construction for catching minuscule micron particles. The numerous benefits are clear: they cut down on any impurities that may return to the pool water. Nanofilters take advantage of a much bigger surface area to restrain more impurities without impeding the water flow.

Upgrade your Dolphin Cayman with our Ultra Purifying filtration for optimal filtering capability. The newly-engineered robotic filtration system will save you valuable time, allowing you to make the most of your pool time.

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